Friday, January 7, 2011

waking up is the... worst?

i recently made plans to go out with a friend after work. but it wasn't until a few hours after we got home. since i was recovering from a cold and all that junk still, i took a nap. she did also, and requested a "wake up call" at a designated hour.
i'm practically a hotel lobby.
well, i called her right when my alarm woke me up. i was still groggy myself, and i obviously woke her up.

the first thing she said?
"waking up is the worst".
well, i agreed at the time, but i thought about it later, and now i'm not so sure.

waking up's pretty awesome. it means a new day to start over. it means a fresh start. it means you survived another night!
here's to waking up.

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