Sunday, February 27, 2011

seattle, days 7 and 8

we had lots of fun on friday and saturday in seattle. wish you'd been there!

friday we went to poulsbo. it's a norwegian/scandinavian/german town. we had good food and saw lots of fun shops (but didn't buy too much). it's right on the water, which meant it was FREEZING. husband talked me into going out on a floating dock, but i was NOT happy with that. if you want to see that photo, you have to find him.

seattle 085

seattle 086
the clear skies were deceiving. it was freezing!

then on saturday, we were back in seattle and went to pike place market. it was a lot of fun. i am a huge fan of farmer's market-type things, and this was so much more. we saw the flying fish, and lots and lots of crabs. tons of fresh flowers.

seattle 093

seattle 103

seattle 104

seattle 102

we found a tea shop, and you know i always love tea shops. i bought princess grey (an earl grey with flowers), and a huckleberry cream (huckleberry tea with vanilla). it was so cheap! and we had coffee at the first starbucks ever.

seattle 108
i did NOT buy the laxative tea.

seattle 097

we also saw sea lions during our harbor tour boat ride. i was so glad, because i'd been dying to see some sort of ocean animal.

seattle 134

seattle 138

seattle 132

and, i close with these great photos-- of the gum wall. husband had never been to it, but he'd heard of it. we took a wrong turn and found it! it's a wall where everyone sticks their chewing gum. we didn't have any to add to it, but we did find a gumball machine, so we each were able to stick our gum on it.

seattle 119

seattle 118

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

seattle, days 2 and 3

what fun. for the second day of vacation, we went to snoqualmie falls. there's a very big chance i misspelled that word.

seattle 014

seattle 020

seattle 009

and we also ate thai food. and we also tried white coffee for the first time. i can't even find a good link to tell you about white coffee, but it's unroasted coffee beans, which means it's supposed to have more caffeine, and not the bitter aftertaste. it had to be mixed, because it doesn't have much flavor otherwise, or whatever. so i got the pink lady. it's basically a raspberry latte that doesn't taste like it has coffee in it.

seattle 022

day three, we went to the pacific science center, toodled around the space needle, and saw the experience music project (like a music museum)-- but just from the outside.

seattle 039
see why i love this man?

seattle 050
in the butterfly garden

seattle 058
EMP and the space needle

also found the freemont troll! remember it from 10 things i hate about you?

seattle 074

and i leave you with these, two of my new favorite photos of my husband and me.

seattle 044

seattle 075

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seattle, day 1

The only important thing today was the flight. First leg, one hour. Nothin special.

Second leg? 4.5 hours. Mostly empty flight, which meant we got to stretch out. But boy, did we "pay" for that luxury. The row behind us had two toddlers, who would scream, then kick the chair in front of them (mine), then scream some more. Ugh.

But, we were rewarded with this view:

And husband kept telling me to watch for Mt Ranier. I was ignoring him, really, cause I've seen mountains before. But then, I saw it. And got really excited, because it was so much bigger than I expected. It stood so high above the other mountain ranges!

Then we ate at Dick's, which was delicious because I was so hungry. It's a burger joint. Then we went to Em's place, and husband's mom and step dad came over. We spent the evening chatting and eating pizza. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My cutie pie

In lieu of a child, I have a dog. She's a cutie pie. And I have a very short story to tell you about her.

When it's time to go to sleep, she cuddles under the covers between husband and I. And if we scoot together to cuddle, she growls at us and crawls to my other side. But sometimes she gets too warm under the covers, so she slithers her way up and lays between us. Sometimes she puts her head on the pillow, but she always stays covered with our comforter. She's a sweetheart.

Forgive this photo quality. It was pitch black and I had to rely on the flash to catch her.

Remember that time

when husband and I played scrabble with friends, and they wouldn't let me play "milf" because they're church friends??

Yeah. Good times.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

why i love {my mom}

Remember growing up, wearing an apron, standing on a stool while you helped mom make cookies? Or stirred something delicious on the stove?


What was it like?

I was too busy playing softball and jumping in the mud. Hmmm. BUT my mom accepted that, and let me do my own thing growing up. She also didn't mind fielding my calls growing up as I didn't know how to cook, and finally needed her help! A big joke after I was off to college was my family answering my phone calls by saying "yes, you salt the water" before I said anything.

Ha. Look at me now!

But really, my mom was a huge support to me growing up. She is a strong woman who taught me that five minutes early means you're late.

She taught me how to buy quality, and also the importance of a dollar.

She's well-educated, AND intelligent.

She makes a mean pot of chili and works the grill at home.

She's one of my best friends. I call her now and talk about things that would have mortified me to discuss with my mom a few years ago. I respect her opinion-- when I ask for it ;-)

She buys my dog Christmas presents.

Family is important to her.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

why i love {my daddy}

my dad is awesome. seriously. i grew up as a daddy's girl, AND a mommy's girl. is that possible? daddy was the one who played ball with me. daddy amazed me when he'd sit in front of a drum set and actually be able to play (why didn't i get your musical talents??) (and i think he can sing, too, even if i've never heard it). daddy has a huge extended family, and every man is known by the same name. there are a hundred daniels in our family, and my daddy is one of them.

he can build a house with his bare hands. a whole house.

he is productive.

he is a bit of a neat-freak. in a good way.

he's a man's man. but not in a weird, burly sort of way.

he loves my mom and holds her hand (they've been married for thirty one point five years. that's a long time. i hope i'm blessed enough to be married longer, though).

he is the reason behind my favorite christmas memory ever. seriously. EVER. here's the story:
i woke up christmas morning (thank god!!), and got the usual, i'm sure. probably a barbie. probably some undies. i was five. or four. or six. who knows, and the timing of this exact christmas isn't important. insert some standard gifts for that age range. but after we opened gifts, and after we went through stockings, daddy said he had something to show me in the garage. i followed him out there, and saw it-- a big, perfect dollhouse! remember when i said he could build a house with his bare hands? well, that includes dollhouses. so he made this dollhouse for me (disclaimer: i don't remember if he built it with his hands. i was five. or four. or six.), but since i had been disobedient and stayed up past my bedtime for the last few, oh, weeks, he hadn't had a chance to finish it. since he's an awesome daddy and stays productive long after the kiddos go to bed.
i fully intend on laying in front of the television after my children go to sleep. maybe.
so he still had to finish painting it, but knowing that he had gone through so much work for a gift made it very special to me.

and seriously? that's the only christmas that really sticks out. besides the ones before we got my medicine regulated and the photos show me looking like a starving ethiopian kid. only, you know, white and all.

my daddy rocks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy happy valentine's day

as if you didn't know by the calendar, or the other blogs you follow, today is valentine's day. and i'll neither make you feel guilty for getting flowers by saying i hate this holiday (cause i don't, and i hate when people say that they hate this holiday. that's a lot of hate for a few sentences. since when is it bad to celebrate love? the world would be a better place if you would all quit your anti-valentines whining and just make a stinking heart-filled centerpiece), nor will i remind you that it's our first valentine's together as a married couple, and say that we're supposed to be all lovey-dovey, and tell you about our romantic time...

nope. i won't do either.but i WILL give you one heck of a run-on sentence. ha. ^^

i won't even tell you what i'm doing for husband. we promised no gifts this year. i really hope that means no buying gifts. cause i love gifts. and of course i'm going to give him something. but you'll have to wait and hear about that from his blog. hopefully. if he still remembers how to blog.

and now, i simply leave you with this, and hope you're enjoying your day. happy valentine's day, everyone.

Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm feeling //encouraged//

it's kind of hard to explain, but i'm feeling encouraged lately. encouraged to make changes. encouraged by progress. and encouraged in so many areas. maybe it's just me, just a change in attitude. maybe it's short-lived, and will soon be overtaken by feelings of guilt for not finishing projects, or failure for not getting an A in my class, or frustration at a bill that surprises us.

but for now, i revel in this feeling.

the feeling that, within a month, husband and i will have freed up about $250 a month to go toward other needs.

the feeling that we are putting money into our savings account each month.

the feeling that productivity brings, that planning brings, that preparation brings.

the feeling that, when one thing lines up just right, so many other items follow suit.

the feeling that i can make a difference.

the feeling that i am loved.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

favorite cheap date

i'm going to let you in on a little secret.
i love target.
a lot.
so much that we have date nights there. no, really. we do. we go window shopping and have fun looking at the awesomeness of target, then we eat dinner there. think movie theater dinner. we go to the snack bar, and husband gets popcorn while i get nachos. and we split a drink.

then we people-watch the parking lot. it's pretty great. in winter it's good because you'll see the random person come in wrapped in a blanket instead of a coat. or someone slipping on ice during our recent storm. in the summer it's fun to watch people wearing clothes that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn't be wearing.

except last time we went, it was during the ice storm here. so some delivery trucks hadn't made it-- including the chip truck, apparently. so i had to buy my own chips off their grocery shelves and bring them to the guy working the concession stand. really? really? it's okay. it was worth it. and he gave me extra jalapenos to make up for it. yum yum.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cheap post number two

yeah. this makes me happy.


you're welcome.

it's not about the girl. or the boobs.
it's that no matter how perfect they look, they're photoshopped.
kinda like that "don't compare yourself to magazine models" campaign.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cheap post number one

remember the many times i've told you i love bad movies?
mean girls is one of my favorites.


i so hope you get this.

Friday, February 4, 2011

snow day

i'm sorry i've really slacked this week in the posting department.
it hasn't gotten above freezing since monday. or was it sunday?
annnnnyways, that's rough for dallas.
and today we woke up to 6" of snow.
so i'm not feeling creative.

my valentine's story is one of the 10 (out of 221!) on this blog.
go guess which one it is.

but husband? you can't guess. cause you know. obvi.

oh, she's also having killer giveaways this week. which pains me to share the link. because i'm determined to win something, and i can't have all of you entering. so, if you win? you must share with me because i shared the goodness of that blog with you.

enjoy, and try to stay warm.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i'm not gonna say it...

snowpoca... nope, not gonna say it.
snowmagedd... not that one, either.

ice storm. okay. that one is fine. there was a hekuva storm. we had rain, then sleet, then snow. and in case you're not sure what sleet is, it's a mixture of snow and ice coming out of the sky. ice. coming out of. the sky. when it comes down as ice, it's probably going to stay ice once it hits the ground.

then, remember that i live in dallas. winters aren't this bad. there's not a snow plow for a hundred miles or more. and there's only so much the roads can be treated when the weather starts as rain.

how bad was it?
DFW airport closed for the first time since 9/11.
LOVE field closed for the first time ever due to weather.
people were stuck in their cars for hours because they don't know how to drive icy hills (tip: you don't. you avoid them and take back roads).

i went to work yesterday. i cleaned pig rooms because there were not many people that came in. and i had to go between the campuses, and the shuttles weren't running. so i had to walk outside on solid ice on a bridge. in the 40-mph wind gusts.

even better, this morning we started having rolling blackouts. people were using too much power, and the electric companies couldn't handle the load, so they started shutting off grids for 15-minute intervals. we don't have blackouts in the dead of winter! funny thing, they shut it off right when husband was in the middle of shaving his face. he finished shaving by candlelight.

i stayed home today. a combination of the dangerous roads (they were worse last night than yesterday morning), and pain from a little spill i took on the ice.

and now, i leave you with examples of how bad the roads were. semi trucks were crashing so badly, or getting stuck on the ice, that they shut down whole stretches of highways. and the adjacent frontage roads. so glad we don't have to travel far for work. (photos courtesy