Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm feeling //encouraged//

it's kind of hard to explain, but i'm feeling encouraged lately. encouraged to make changes. encouraged by progress. and encouraged in so many areas. maybe it's just me, just a change in attitude. maybe it's short-lived, and will soon be overtaken by feelings of guilt for not finishing projects, or failure for not getting an A in my class, or frustration at a bill that surprises us.

but for now, i revel in this feeling.

the feeling that, within a month, husband and i will have freed up about $250 a month to go toward other needs.

the feeling that we are putting money into our savings account each month.

the feeling that productivity brings, that planning brings, that preparation brings.

the feeling that, when one thing lines up just right, so many other items follow suit.

the feeling that i can make a difference.

the feeling that i am loved.


  1. Is it contagious and how can I be exposed??? I am a slug these days. Not liking that too much. :P


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