Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i'm not gonna say it...

snowpoca... nope, not gonna say it.
snowmagedd... not that one, either.

ice storm. okay. that one is fine. there was a hekuva storm. we had rain, then sleet, then snow. and in case you're not sure what sleet is, it's a mixture of snow and ice coming out of the sky. ice. coming out of. the sky. when it comes down as ice, it's probably going to stay ice once it hits the ground.

then, remember that i live in dallas. winters aren't this bad. there's not a snow plow for a hundred miles or more. and there's only so much the roads can be treated when the weather starts as rain.

how bad was it?
DFW airport closed for the first time since 9/11.
LOVE field closed for the first time ever due to weather.
people were stuck in their cars for hours because they don't know how to drive icy hills (tip: you don't. you avoid them and take back roads).

i went to work yesterday. i cleaned pig rooms because there were not many people that came in. and i had to go between the campuses, and the shuttles weren't running. so i had to walk outside on solid ice on a bridge. in the 40-mph wind gusts.

even better, this morning we started having rolling blackouts. people were using too much power, and the electric companies couldn't handle the load, so they started shutting off grids for 15-minute intervals. we don't have blackouts in the dead of winter! funny thing, they shut it off right when husband was in the middle of shaving his face. he finished shaving by candlelight.

i stayed home today. a combination of the dangerous roads (they were worse last night than yesterday morning), and pain from a little spill i took on the ice.

and now, i leave you with examples of how bad the roads were. semi trucks were crashing so badly, or getting stuck on the ice, that they shut down whole stretches of highways. and the adjacent frontage roads. so glad we don't have to travel far for work. (photos courtesy

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