Tuesday, February 22, 2011

seattle, days 2 and 3

what fun. for the second day of vacation, we went to snoqualmie falls. there's a very big chance i misspelled that word.

seattle 014

seattle 020

seattle 009

and we also ate thai food. and we also tried white coffee for the first time. i can't even find a good link to tell you about white coffee, but it's unroasted coffee beans, which means it's supposed to have more caffeine, and not the bitter aftertaste. it had to be mixed, because it doesn't have much flavor otherwise, or whatever. so i got the pink lady. it's basically a raspberry latte that doesn't taste like it has coffee in it.

seattle 022

day three, we went to the pacific science center, toodled around the space needle, and saw the experience music project (like a music museum)-- but just from the outside.

seattle 039
see why i love this man?

seattle 050
in the butterfly garden

seattle 058
EMP and the space needle

also found the freemont troll! remember it from 10 things i hate about you?

seattle 074

and i leave you with these, two of my new favorite photos of my husband and me.

seattle 044

seattle 075


  1. Those are excellent pictures of the two of you! Those falls are beautiful.

  2. Wow! Those pics are awesome. You two are pretty too!

  3. love the pictures! especially the ones of you and your man! so sweet :)


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