Sunday, February 27, 2011

seattle, days 7 and 8

we had lots of fun on friday and saturday in seattle. wish you'd been there!

friday we went to poulsbo. it's a norwegian/scandinavian/german town. we had good food and saw lots of fun shops (but didn't buy too much). it's right on the water, which meant it was FREEZING. husband talked me into going out on a floating dock, but i was NOT happy with that. if you want to see that photo, you have to find him.

seattle 085

seattle 086
the clear skies were deceiving. it was freezing!

then on saturday, we were back in seattle and went to pike place market. it was a lot of fun. i am a huge fan of farmer's market-type things, and this was so much more. we saw the flying fish, and lots and lots of crabs. tons of fresh flowers.

seattle 093

seattle 103

seattle 104

seattle 102

we found a tea shop, and you know i always love tea shops. i bought princess grey (an earl grey with flowers), and a huckleberry cream (huckleberry tea with vanilla). it was so cheap! and we had coffee at the first starbucks ever.

seattle 108
i did NOT buy the laxative tea.

seattle 097

we also saw sea lions during our harbor tour boat ride. i was so glad, because i'd been dying to see some sort of ocean animal.

seattle 134

seattle 138

seattle 132

and, i close with these great photos-- of the gum wall. husband had never been to it, but he'd heard of it. we took a wrong turn and found it! it's a wall where everyone sticks their chewing gum. we didn't have any to add to it, but we did find a gumball machine, so we each were able to stick our gum on it.

seattle 119

seattle 118

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  1. I was gonna comment on that laxative tea and then I saw your comment. Ha. That gum was is pretty gross. And what an UGLY fish! Love the photos! Soooooo jealous.


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