Tuesday, February 15, 2011

why i love {my daddy}

my dad is awesome. seriously. i grew up as a daddy's girl, AND a mommy's girl. is that possible? daddy was the one who played ball with me. daddy amazed me when he'd sit in front of a drum set and actually be able to play (why didn't i get your musical talents??) (and i think he can sing, too, even if i've never heard it). daddy has a huge extended family, and every man is known by the same name. there are a hundred daniels in our family, and my daddy is one of them.

he can build a house with his bare hands. a whole house.

he is productive.

he is a bit of a neat-freak. in a good way.

he's a man's man. but not in a weird, burly sort of way.

he loves my mom and holds her hand (they've been married for thirty one point five years. that's a long time. i hope i'm blessed enough to be married longer, though).

he is the reason behind my favorite christmas memory ever. seriously. EVER. here's the story:
i woke up christmas morning (thank god!!), and got the usual, i'm sure. probably a barbie. probably some undies. i was five. or four. or six. who knows, and the timing of this exact christmas isn't important. insert some standard gifts for that age range. but after we opened gifts, and after we went through stockings, daddy said he had something to show me in the garage. i followed him out there, and saw it-- a big, perfect dollhouse! remember when i said he could build a house with his bare hands? well, that includes dollhouses. so he made this dollhouse for me (disclaimer: i don't remember if he built it with his hands. i was five. or four. or six.), but since i had been disobedient and stayed up past my bedtime for the last few, oh, weeks, he hadn't had a chance to finish it. since he's an awesome daddy and stays productive long after the kiddos go to bed.
i fully intend on laying in front of the television after my children go to sleep. maybe.
so he still had to finish painting it, but knowing that he had gone through so much work for a gift made it very special to me.

and seriously? that's the only christmas that really sticks out. besides the ones before we got my medicine regulated and the photos show me looking like a starving ethiopian kid. only, you know, white and all.

my daddy rocks.


  1. i fully intend on laying in front of the television after my children go to sleep. maybe. <--see my most recent post. :) You'll have to hire a house cleaner.

  2. But, I really loved this post. My friend Leslie's dad built her a dollhouse and we had so much fun playing with it. He even put carpet down inside of it. My mom made me a Barbie bed out of wood and that's one of the few childhood gifts I remember. I think I was four or five and she let me open it Christmas Eve. Funny how those stick out the most...the ones your parents really put their heart and soul into instead of just buying you random stuff.

  3. Enjoy your father while he's here girl. It's wonderful to see someone appreciate all their parents do for them, while they are still here.


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