Wednesday, February 16, 2011

why i love {my mom}

Remember growing up, wearing an apron, standing on a stool while you helped mom make cookies? Or stirred something delicious on the stove?


What was it like?

I was too busy playing softball and jumping in the mud. Hmmm. BUT my mom accepted that, and let me do my own thing growing up. She also didn't mind fielding my calls growing up as I didn't know how to cook, and finally needed her help! A big joke after I was off to college was my family answering my phone calls by saying "yes, you salt the water" before I said anything.

Ha. Look at me now!

But really, my mom was a huge support to me growing up. She is a strong woman who taught me that five minutes early means you're late.

She taught me how to buy quality, and also the importance of a dollar.

She's well-educated, AND intelligent.

She makes a mean pot of chili and works the grill at home.

She's one of my best friends. I call her now and talk about things that would have mortified me to discuss with my mom a few years ago. I respect her opinion-- when I ask for it ;-)

She buys my dog Christmas presents.

Family is important to her.


  1. What a lucky Mama, to have raised a daughter like you. :)

  2. I am the luckiest mom around to have such a fantastic, happy, accomplished, well-rounded daughter. She is MY best friend:)


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