Thursday, March 17, 2011

are you thirsty?

i'm not. 

because i'm blessed. i live in america, a developed country where all i have to do is turn on the faucet, or bring my glass to the fridge, or flush the toilet or run the shower... and water appears. it's cheap, it's easy to access, and it's necessary for health and hygiene.

not everyone has this luxury. are you aware that a billion people on this planet don't have access to water? that's one person out of every eight. what would you do if you had to walk 3 hours to get your water for the day?

it's sad. but it's also fixable.

you can help.

i am.

check out my donations page and think about whether you'll be able to make even a small donation. make a donation in honor of someone. ask people to donate instead of providing gifts for your birthday. anything. and please, share this page. pass it along to anyone who even might donate. i have a big goal-- $5,000-- because that's the cost for one well. i think, together, we can fill that goal.

remember. even $10 helps.
BUT... i will be hosting a giveaway here for the person who makes the largest donation. aren't things always better when there's a prize involved?

so, we've got three months to meet this goal. will you help?

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