Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a challenge!

have you noticed the birds chirping outside?
are you thankful that we have more daylight in the evenings?
are you dreading swimsuit season?

well, then, do i have a proposal for you.

fit button

click the picture to check out the fitness blog i participate in. we have a challenge coming up! you can see all the details in the most recent posts, but it's a 30-day challenge. we're basing it on the wii active 30-day challenge. do you have a wii? and wii active? participate with us! it starts on monday the 28th. don't have a wii? or don't have the wii active? that's fine, too. just be active, and tell us in the comments what you did that day. did you take the stairs instead of the elevator? did you walk around the block two extra times? whatever it is, it doesn't take much. the wii active 30-day challenge days are only 15-20 minutes, and there's even "rest" days scheduled in there. so it's not impossible. but it's important.

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