Friday, March 11, 2011

eventful week

you may have noticed i've not been as active this week.
or, maybe you didn't.
either way...

i've had a crazy week. and not always crazy in a good way.

1) we signed the lease for the place we'll be moving to in may.
2) we came home to find our apartment under construction and being treated for radon. seriously.
3) the following day, i went home with a migraine.
4) then we were woken up after midnight by our busted hot water heater and an inch of water throughout our home.
5) no water for a day.

that about sums it up. here's some photos of the radon construction:

new pipe in our living room...

external vent, like a chimney

radon monitor

so sorry i didn't get pictures of the flood. it was 1 am. then i didn't get much sleep after that. and we came home the following morning to a new hot water heater and a fan drying the carpet, but they'd removed the carpet pad-- say it'll be replaced on monday after it's treated.

and as for the pipe in our living room, it's permanent. unfortunately. but on saturday, someone is coming over to build a sort of planter over it. i can't wait to see what it looks like {sarcasm}.

but it's funny how these things end up being blessings. we were going to need to clean our entry carpet (you know how dirt gets tracked in) and now we don't, because the apartment company cleaned it for us. and coming home to that right after we signed the lease for our new place just solidified that we were supposed to move there. as for the hot water heater? there is no hot water heater in our new place-- so no risk of it rupturing in the middle of the night!

it looks like we're in the process of moving, even though there's almost two months until we move-- because our furniture is everywhere, and there's things from the laundry room in the guest room, and things from the coat closet in our bedroom. it's a mess around there, but not really worth cleaning up until the carpet is fixed all the way.

totally unrelated, my heart is breaking for people in japan this morning. keep them in your prayers.


  1. God is mysterious and you just never know what He is up to! I just wonder how in the world they are going to rent out that apartment after y'all leave with a big ole pipe inside. And how in the world did they figure out there was radon? Scary!


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