Friday, March 18, 2011

i love getting mail!

so, it seems i have a thing for wreaths! but aren't they perfect? they can go on a door, or just as part of a grouping on the wall.

i got a new one! i received it in the mail this week from my darling friend danielle at take heart. please go check out her blog. she's always doing giveaways, and her posts are so entertaining! she also has a shop, where you can find a wreath like mine, and others that might better fit your style. don't see one that works? contact her and she'll work with you for a custom wreath!

talk about service!

the pictures on her shop are much clearer!

i love the look of this one, with the felt flowers on a stick wreath. and i asked for green since i have green in my living room. i can't wait to hang this in the new place once we move!


  1. Cute! I follow her blog but for some reason, her photos never load on my work computer and I hardly read my RSS feeds at home. :( I always forget.

  2. You're making me feel like crafting. You know how I feel about that. -_- ♥

  3. yay! i love it! so happy you do too :)


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