Thursday, March 24, 2011

real. life. time.

you know.
i had someone mention not too long ago that they much prefer to read the "real" blogs, and not just the blogs where everyone has something happy to say. not the ones where people talk about how good their lives are.

my life is good.

and i'm not just saying that. it really is good.
i'm seeing more and more how truly blessed my family is.
and i'm not just observing. i'm reacting.

not that i need to provide you with examples, but i think i will. mmmkay? because this is my happy post. and, since you came to visit my blog, you have to read my happy post. because you know what? my happy post is my real life post.

example #1: husband and i are paying down debt. not just paying it down, eliminating it. this frees up money for us to have the ability to bless others as well as put some in savings. one way that we bless others? donate to mycharity:water. now, i know what you're thinking. but, but... you've already told us about that silly water donation site three or four times! and you're right. i have. but you still have access to fresh water, and they still don't. so until the playing field's a little more level, i'm going to keep mentioning it. yes.

example #2: settling into married life has been good for my soul. i am learning to be a wife to my husband, and he is learning to lead the family. we have been blessed in so many ways since our marriage, from example #1, to our living situation, to new friendships and relationships... so we react by sharing our home, our blessings, and expanding our relationships within the church.

example #3: my health! praise god. no, seriously, praise him. because there is no other explanation for the fact that my rheumatoid arthritis has gone into remission. i don't post much about my RA on here, because it's mostly been under control for a while, but let me give you a quick lesson. RA is not arthritis. it is an autoimmune disease, where your own body attacks junctures. this can be joints, or it can be where your intestine connects to your stomach. where you heart connects to the protective tissue around it. anywhere. it's painful, it's exhausting, and it's gone. it may come back in two months, or a year, or five years. but for now, my RA is in remission.

i could go on. and i'm sure i will in future posts. but when i post about my happy life, i'm posting about my real life. i'm happy to have time to craft and time to do homework and time to prepare a good meal for my husband. i'm happy that he makes the bed and that he helps with the dishes and that he makes me tea while i'm busy studying.

i'm in love.
i'm happy.
and i'm definitely not ashamed of that.


  1. AMEN SISTAH!! I love happy posts! And you know God is honored when we praise Him. I pray your happiness and health continue long long long into the future.

  2. I'm glad you're happy. Especially after how stressed out you were last semester. You deserve it and there's nothing wrong with sharing it!

  3. Nothing wrong with happy.I think people don't like to read about "only happy" when there is more going on, or they feel like things are being sugar coated Someone who is genuinely trying to make the best of it is awesome though! I have a hard time deciding how much to share about my kids knowing they'll be able to read it some day and I don't want to totally embarrass them.

  4. Hey girl, thanks for the kind comment on my blog. :) Love ya.


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