Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another {accidental} hiatus

yep. gone again. i'm always missing. like your car keys. or your favorite nail polish.

this time it's not because i needed personal time. well, it's sort of that. i just have been too sick to think of anything. homework, cooking, cleaning-- everything is slacking round these parts. i took all last week off work, and here and there since then. because i've got the sick. diagnosed with a sinus infection and strep throat, which then turned into bronchitis. which you can't get rid of. seriously. i can't sleep, which means i can't rest, which means i'm so tired during the day, which means i'm useless.

but i'm getting really good at origami. right?


haha! gotcha. it's just a bunch of snot.


have no fear, i've got magic in my hands. which means i'll be back to normal soon.



  1. Haha. I love your snot art. I've had bronchitis several times and it is so awful.


now it's your turn.