Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new coffee shops

i love coffee.
i love coffee shops.
i don't love starbucks.
i love starbucks.
i just love other coffee shops more.

so how nice was it to go to two different, non-starbucks coffee shops in as many saturdays? first we went to "it's a grind" (i know it's a chain too, but it's not starbucks). the name of the shop made me think of a workout place. like it should be a gym, not a coffee house. anyways.

the following weekend, we went to the pearl cup. located on henderson, right next to sunflower market (our fave for produce!), and sort of near our new neighborhood, it was so perfect. they even served the lattes in REAL cups. that's a big deal. and there's two different patios to sit on, and dogs are allowed, and, and, and... i could go on. 

so it's a new goal for husband and me. find "other" coffee shops. support local.
the pearl cup advertised the best latte in dallas. i'm usually a black coffee girl, but i did try (and love!) the latte.


  1. I love when they serve it in real cups! I always liked Sufficient Grounds in LR. I think it might be a chain now too but their Hillcrest location was in a two-story Craftsman-style house that had card tables set up. Love it.

  2. You can come to CC and we'll go to Brewha and The Blue Lion! I also love coffee, coffee shops and all things coffee.


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