Tuesday, May 31, 2011

how {not} to make an artsy headboard

so i had this great idea for a "headboard"art piece for the master bedroom. i am going to tear pieces out of a bible (it's just a book, people. honest. bible art is "acceptable") and decoupage them onto a canvas. or two. or four. i'm not sure how many yet. anyway, i thought i would get this started over the holiday weekend.

step 1: find a bible.

step 2: tear pages out. I specifically tried to get pages that looked different. some from Leviticus, some from Proverbs.

step 3: organize them on the canvas.

step 4: mod podge!

step 5: notice that you did it the quick, lazy way, which led to many unfixable bubbles and dry spots. tear it all off.

this will work, i know it. i'll try again later and share it with you all when it works.

Monday, May 30, 2011

finally? are you kidding me?

dear everyone who is super excited to {finally} see flowers blooming, or {finally} see your lawn as the snow melts, or {finally} able to drink your coffee on the patio,

it's hot down here. hot. it has been for weeks. we had one week of spring, then straight into the 90s. i am no longer able to drink my coffee on the patio, because it's too warm by 8am. and humid. it's not just the warmth, it's the humidity. and you know what? it's still may.

it's a big case of "you want what you don't have".

so, you take your kids to the park. i'll stick to playing board games indoors.

whoever sang that "god bless texas" song OBVIOUSLY wasn't here during the summer.

a transplant who's still trying to get used to the really hot, really humid summers.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First peek!

hey everyone.
we moved. you know that already.

so, wanna see the new place? here's a teeny tiny peek: at the dining room.

the table and chairs? floor sample at the ashley furniture outlet. great deal. the centerpiece? a gift from my husband, my birthday last year. the flowers in it? my bridal bouquet- made by my mom.

and the frames? also known as one of my favorite things about the new place? a project I started here, is finally finished! all frames came from goodwill or the salvation army, and were {hand}painted black (because I didn't have an area to spray paint them in), then sprayed with glossy acrylic sealer. I love this frame collage.

Monday, May 23, 2011

friends are great!

who'd have guessed that our new house could hold 23 people?!

It was so fun though.

We hosted group this week, and almost everyone was there. We feel so blessed to have had this opportunity, and so glad that God has provided us with a place and the means to do this.

We even fit 5 people on our new, improved, and smaller couch!

So thankful for good food and friends and fellowship.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

not every path is paved…

… and not every golf day is sunny.

we had a super fun weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

aloud i will rejoice

this morning as i hit the button to the elevator at the train station, i noticed an elderly gentleman coming towards me. so i held the elevator for him, and wished him a "good morning" as he got on the elevator.
did he respond in like kindness, or offer me a word of wisdom from someone who has surely seen much more than i have? no. he stared at me with his cataract eye.

on the train, i sat next to a woman already reading and said "hello" as i scooted in.
did she ask what i was reading, or greet me in response? no. she grabbed her bag and tried to imagine herself the size of a child, tucked in away from the person sitting three inches from her, offering kindness.

when i passed a colleague in the hallway on campus and smiled, they stared straight ahead.

when i got on the shuttle, the driver ignored me.
and when i got off the shuttle, he tried to shut the doors on me.

as i walked into my office, i continued to smile at the few people i pass at this early hour, as i arrive earlier than many others.
i was greeted with sneers from an unhappy employee, apparently oblivious to the fact that it is Friday.

and yet, i continue to find joy in my heart, despite these many attempts the devil has made to push down my mood today. because yesterday, i was filled with the holy spirit and given the opportunity to share the gospel for the first time ever. it was such an amazing feeling that the delight of the moment stuck with me. so in that instance, God wasn't just helping the person i was speaking with, He was helping me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a "two-hour" meeting. yeah, right.

in addition to my job, and to my second job, and to my master's program, i'm also a coordinator for a metroplex group of people who are in the same line of work that i do. so i'm constantly on the phone and email with others, trying to set up times for meetings and speakers and events.

today, i had a meeting planned from 10-12.

i left this morning at 6:30. i came home at 2:30.

so, a "two-hour" meeting turned into an eight-hour day.

i feel a little bit like gilligan.

forgive that it's not the original shots. those all had embedding disabled.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

task 1, done.

as husband does this:

you  can't tell, but that's NBA on tv.
also, he doesn't know i snapped this photo. ha.

i sit here bored. and asking my friends what i should do while he's so distracted.

the answer:
1) blog
2) read
3) crochet
4) chat on twitter

so. the blog is done. i do think i'll read next. that, of course, puts a hold on number 4. but they know i'll always have my phone nearby.

ps, the soundtrack to my house goes something like this:
watch the shot clock!
two rebounds away from a triple double 
(i think i am close on that one. it's like a foreign language)

Monday, May 16, 2011

monday? already?

i want another weekend.

this is not what time my alarm goes off. this is what time husband's alarm goes off.
this IS what time i woke up this morning.
i'm not thrilled when i don't get to wake up on my own terms.

Friday, May 13, 2011

hey, all you scrapbookers out there

my MIL is a scrapbooker
yeah, yeah, so is just about every other lady over age 30!
oh, no. she's not your average scrapbooker. she is a cheap scrapbooker.
and i mean that in the nicest way. she know what i mean.

anyways, she finally decided to start a blog to help all of you (sorry. i do a lot of crafts, but i'm no scrapbooker) save money on scrapbooking. it's great! go visit her blog, and see what she does. she's sort of like the money-saving mom of the scrapbook world. she does all the work, and you get to go get the cheap stuff she's found. great deal, yes?

today, she wrote about some great sales at michael's. go look!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sick of it!

I'm sick. Still? Again? I don't know anymore. I spend most of my time home here:

note the box in the background. Still unpacking.
Because when I try to unpack, I get sick again. Thing is, I'll have a good day or two, think I'm okay, and I start being my regular active self. Then I pay for it the next day. I guess I don't realize how sick I am/ have been? So I really really need to calm down. Even when I think I'm okay, I should take it easy.

Why this is so hard for me:
1) I'm a doer. I have to always be doing something.
2) we just moved! I should be unpacking and decorating.
3) I'm SICK of being sick.

So yes, this post is full of whining. Hey, at least you're getting something from me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

dreaming of the move

like i mentioned. moving posts this week.
but this one is a little different.
instead of actual moving things, i'm dreaming of things i want in the new place.
new favorite place to dream? urban outfitters sale site.

here's the current list of wants:

1- wall storage thing. this would go in the bedroom
2- wall art. i think it will go in the hallway
3- owl bank. even though it's a bank, it's going in the kitchen. cause it's red.
4- ceramic measuring cups. aren't they adorable?

oh, to have unlimited moneys and be able to not only pay for movers, but for cute decor.
some day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


it's true. i'm running about an 89% right now. close to full health, but needing to remember how sick i've been, lest i get exhausted from packing one box.

have i mentioned how efficient my husband is? he's a much better packer than i give him credit for. especially when i'm too sick and hurt to pack so he has to to EVERYthing.

oh, and we get our keys to the new place tonight. so we're moving over just a few things. We're saving most of it because the movers are hired for saturday, but you know. it's exciting to go to a new place. so we're taking the things that are awkward to carry (see: kitchenaid) and some pantry items so we can bring the bin back and refill it with the rest of the pantry items for saturday's real move.

i'll be writing moving posts this week and through the weekend, i'm sure. bear with me. it's a cute place and i think you'll like it!