Friday, May 20, 2011

aloud i will rejoice

this morning as i hit the button to the elevator at the train station, i noticed an elderly gentleman coming towards me. so i held the elevator for him, and wished him a "good morning" as he got on the elevator.
did he respond in like kindness, or offer me a word of wisdom from someone who has surely seen much more than i have? no. he stared at me with his cataract eye.

on the train, i sat next to a woman already reading and said "hello" as i scooted in.
did she ask what i was reading, or greet me in response? no. she grabbed her bag and tried to imagine herself the size of a child, tucked in away from the person sitting three inches from her, offering kindness.

when i passed a colleague in the hallway on campus and smiled, they stared straight ahead.

when i got on the shuttle, the driver ignored me.
and when i got off the shuttle, he tried to shut the doors on me.

as i walked into my office, i continued to smile at the few people i pass at this early hour, as i arrive earlier than many others.
i was greeted with sneers from an unhappy employee, apparently oblivious to the fact that it is Friday.

and yet, i continue to find joy in my heart, despite these many attempts the devil has made to push down my mood today. because yesterday, i was filled with the holy spirit and given the opportunity to share the gospel for the first time ever. it was such an amazing feeling that the delight of the moment stuck with me. so in that instance, God wasn't just helping the person i was speaking with, He was helping me.


  1. Quite possibly your bestest post ever. How awesome that you were given that opportunity! And I absolutely hate it when I offer a smile or hello to someone in the hall and they just awkwardly stare down or look at me like I have two heads.

  2. You just keep on being a beacon of light little girl. You will shine with His love and others will see it. And it will do a good work in you as well. We are not responsible for another's response, we are only responsible for our own.

  3. This post gave me chills babe! You hit the nail on the head! I love you so much. :)

  4. amen, friend. what an awesome blessing to be able to share The good news! i love that your joy is grounded in Christ and not in circumstances and those surrounding you. as my pastor always says, keeps your eyes off people, keep your eyes on the Lord. thanks so much for sharing this with me.

  5. Can I get a #LOVE BUTTON!


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