Thursday, May 5, 2011

dreaming of the move

like i mentioned. moving posts this week.
but this one is a little different.
instead of actual moving things, i'm dreaming of things i want in the new place.
new favorite place to dream? urban outfitters sale site.

here's the current list of wants:

1- wall storage thing. this would go in the bedroom
2- wall art. i think it will go in the hallway
3- owl bank. even though it's a bank, it's going in the kitchen. cause it's red.
4- ceramic measuring cups. aren't they adorable?

oh, to have unlimited moneys and be able to not only pay for movers, but for cute decor.
some day.


  1. I LOVE 3 and 4. Missing you bad today, sweet friend. I think maybe no one likes me around, as in where you used to live and where I currently reside. :(

  2. I like you LeLe...anyway.....
    Erin, you are a girl after my own heart. I love those things. Am really crushing on the wall art thingy. I like the pop of red for my bedroom too. When you find your unlimited moneys, share the wealth friend.

  3. i am slightly obsessed with UO, just slightly.


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