Tuesday, May 3, 2011


it's true. i'm running about an 89% right now. close to full health, but needing to remember how sick i've been, lest i get exhausted from packing one box.

have i mentioned how efficient my husband is? he's a much better packer than i give him credit for. especially when i'm too sick and hurt to pack so he has to to EVERYthing.

oh, and we get our keys to the new place tonight. so we're moving over just a few things. We're saving most of it because the movers are hired for saturday, but you know. it's exciting to go to a new place. so we're taking the things that are awkward to carry (see: kitchenaid) and some pantry items so we can bring the bin back and refill it with the rest of the pantry items for saturday's real move.

i'll be writing moving posts this week and through the weekend, i'm sure. bear with me. it's a cute place and i think you'll like it!


  1. Can't wait to see it! And you need my packing expertise, but I guess Chris will have to do this time. :)

  2. so exciting! can't wait to see your new place!


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