Monday, May 30, 2011

finally? are you kidding me?

dear everyone who is super excited to {finally} see flowers blooming, or {finally} see your lawn as the snow melts, or {finally} able to drink your coffee on the patio,

it's hot down here. hot. it has been for weeks. we had one week of spring, then straight into the 90s. i am no longer able to drink my coffee on the patio, because it's too warm by 8am. and humid. it's not just the warmth, it's the humidity. and you know what? it's still may.

it's a big case of "you want what you don't have".

so, you take your kids to the park. i'll stick to playing board games indoors.

whoever sang that "god bless texas" song OBVIOUSLY wasn't here during the summer.

a transplant who's still trying to get used to the really hot, really humid summers.


  1. I like this post. I feel the same way. Counting down the days until we go back to colorado... if they would ever give us a firm timeline for that...

  2. Yeah, I hate all the "I FREAKING LOVE SUMMER" posts from everyone up north. And everyone down here, too. Um, have you BEEN outside (speaking to those who live down south)? It's like the pit of hell and it's not even JULY yet. We had a yard sale yesterday and I thought I was going to melt into a puddle on the garage floor...

    Heck, I'm FROM here and I'm still not used to the heat. I hate it, actually. I've never acclimated. Maybe I'm destined to live elsewhere? Nah, doubt I can drag my husband anywhere north of Memphis.

    SERIOUSLY, your blog hates me. I can't login in either IE or Firefox and comment.


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