Friday, May 13, 2011

hey, all you scrapbookers out there

my MIL is a scrapbooker
yeah, yeah, so is just about every other lady over age 30!
oh, no. she's not your average scrapbooker. she is a cheap scrapbooker.
and i mean that in the nicest way. she know what i mean.

anyways, she finally decided to start a blog to help all of you (sorry. i do a lot of crafts, but i'm no scrapbooker) save money on scrapbooking. it's great! go visit her blog, and see what she does. she's sort of like the money-saving mom of the scrapbook world. she does all the work, and you get to go get the cheap stuff she's found. great deal, yes?

today, she wrote about some great sales at michael's. go look!


  1. I suck at scrapbooking. I don't have the patience but your MIL is so good!

  2. Scraping is not my thing, but I can understand it's attraction. If I didn't have so many other things I do, I would love doing it! I visited the blog and she's great!


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