Tuesday, May 31, 2011

how {not} to make an artsy headboard

so i had this great idea for a "headboard"art piece for the master bedroom. i am going to tear pieces out of a bible (it's just a book, people. honest. bible art is "acceptable") and decoupage them onto a canvas. or two. or four. i'm not sure how many yet. anyway, i thought i would get this started over the holiday weekend.

step 1: find a bible.

step 2: tear pages out. I specifically tried to get pages that looked different. some from Leviticus, some from Proverbs.

step 3: organize them on the canvas.

step 4: mod podge!

step 5: notice that you did it the quick, lazy way, which led to many unfixable bubbles and dry spots. tear it all off.

this will work, i know it. i'll try again later and share it with you all when it works.


  1. Sometimes it works well, sometimes you have to do it over. You learn a lot that way. :P

  2. this exact thing happened to me while making a canvas - i never redid it though. can't wait to see yours finished!

  3. I've heard that that's really common with thin paper and Mod Podge. Maybe if you mat the Bible pages onto cardstock first (that could look cool with a little cardstock edge showing through each piece) with a really strong adhesive to bond the pages together well, and then Mod Podge them on, it might save you from all the bubbles?


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