Tuesday, May 17, 2011

task 1, done.

as husband does this:

you  can't tell, but that's NBA on tv.
also, he doesn't know i snapped this photo. ha.

i sit here bored. and asking my friends what i should do while he's so distracted.

the answer:
1) blog
2) read
3) crochet
4) chat on twitter

so. the blog is done. i do think i'll read next. that, of course, puts a hold on number 4. but they know i'll always have my phone nearby.

ps, the soundtrack to my house goes something like this:
watch the shot clock!
two rebounds away from a triple double 
(i think i am close on that one. it's like a foreign language)


  1. Ugh, I hate basketball and so glad I live with a guy who doesn't give a flip about it. Bring on football season!

  2. STALKER!!!! I had no clue that you took this photo you stinker!!


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