Thursday, June 30, 2011


exerpt from After the Leaves Fall by Nicole Bart

There was a little exhale on the other end of the phone line, and it communicated the relief she felt at hearing my voice. I love you and I miss you and I pray for you every day all flooded their way through the line, and I found myself wishing I could say something half as eloquent as her expressive sigh.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

down with the man--??

i work a lot. in the fall, i have two jobs. i'm also in school, finishing up my master's program. that's a lot. and you know what? i'm not really great at drawing lines. all of mine are blurry, because i don't quit work until around 7 or 8 at night usually, even though i'm home by 5-ish. i stay with emails, working on projects, etc-- and i'm glad i have that freedom.


however, i need to leave work. not just physically, as in leaving the campus, or not doing the job. i need to leave it emotionally. i need to become a wife when i get home, not a worker. i'm a student always, but i don't have to be. i can block out three days a week, just two hours a day, and be a student then. even less if i use my lunch at work to be a student. see? it's like multi-tasking. only, kind of the opposite.

i give a lot to work, but i want a lot for me, too.

it's something i'm working on. leaving work at 5pm, and leaving it.
coming home and switching into wife mode.
and, when needed, become a student.

Monday, June 27, 2011

i am

crafting: a decoupaged headboard for our new place
reading: vandalism of words
listening: to birds waking me in the morning, and mumford and sons keeping me company during the day
watching: weeds season 3 with husband
cooking: daily. delicious bbq ribs, coconut shrimp, tilapia and veggie foil packets...
planning: for a visit from some friends over the 4th of july weeked
doing: not enough. enjoying the summer off from classes and teaching.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i found a new love

and her name is ree drummond.
don't get me wrong. i've known about the pioneer woman for some time. i have a sort of crush on her.
but my new love part of this story are the photoshop actions from her site. you just download them, load them onto your photoshop expressions, and use them.
that's it!

here's one i worked with tonight. the editing took just a few minutes and was SO MUCH easier than doing the steps myself. light balance? taken care of. sharpening? taken care of. bringing out details and keeping the background subtle? taken care of.

and how about this one, of husband and me?
before, SOOC, it's so grainy, dull, and sort of grey. with just a few clicks, it's now one of my favorite photos of us!

this is so great. i've got a new addiction!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Days 5 & 6, hair challenge

i'm still playing. I've just been too busy to post. also, i took saturday off. blame it on the continued headache and triple plasma donation that wore me out. i made up for it on sunday, though:

and i got a number of compliments on this one from the people in our home group that evening!

i slacked on monday. i did something similar to sunday, but the "easy" version:

and even though it was easy and quick, my awesome fried called it "shabby chic"-- and that makes it awesome. right?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 4, hair challenge

update on day 3: everything was fine. no news to report.

now, today was a sort of cheat day. i had a migraine and had to stay home all day. so, you're left with my most raw self-photograph anyone's seen lately.

i present to you: bed head, migraine eyes, beautiful me, sitting on my back porch to warm up this morning. at least my hair's down, right?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 3, hair challenge

update on day 2: perfect! stayed in just fine, and looked good. compliments abound.

today? simple bun on the nape of my neck. easy, out of my face, and not a ponytail :-)

my favorite part about this photo is joe, peering at me getting my hair photographed. thing is, that's not even his desk! ha.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2, hair challenge

first, and update on day 1: it fell out by lunchtime. my fault, for being a novice spin pin user. i'll definitely do that style again after i learn how to better use them.

today, i tried a half-up ponytail bun. again using the spin pins. i went against everything my bones tell me to do, and straightened my hair. in june. so we will see how frizzy it gets by the end of the day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1, hair challenge

hey! so far, so good (she said on day 1).

what do you think? it's gotta be called something formal, but it's just three buns on the nape of my neck.

i love the goody brand spin pin. i'm still getting used to using it, but i love it after one beginner's use.

i did have to add in a few bobby pins to secure it and hold them where I wanted them held. but for being out of my face and not a ponytail, i'm happy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

it's a love-hate relationship

... that i have with my hair.

i love the texture
i love the length
i love the color
i love the cut

i don't love that i have to have it out of my face. even if i start the day with my hair down, i end up with it up in a ponytail by noon. it's because of my job. i don't have a desk job. in fact, i have the opposite of a desk job. i may be in surgery, or lecturing, or running across campus. or even wrestling a pig (i've done it in heels. yes, i have). so you see my predicament. or maybe you don't? if you don't, please give me advice.

in lieu of your advice, i'm going to use this blog as inspiration to go one week straight without using a ponytail holder. see, i can have it out of my face and still look cute! i hope to end up with a few favorites that i can fall back on and continue this past the week!

starting tomorrow. because there's no better time than now.

so, i hope to post a photo and the status of the "project" daily. i may have to play catch-up. but since i'm sure none of you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for this, we'll all be okay if i'm late.

also, have you seen, i'm joining the gym again? i'm actually really excited about it.

the only thing missing is instagram.

fair warning: this post makes me cool. cool as people who listen to the beatles and shop at urban outfitters. cool as people who run for fun.

cool as people who eat frozen yogurt.

i tried pinkberry today for the first time. it got an A+. you pick a flavor, pick a size, then fill it with as many toppings as will fit.

i bought husband a salted caramel cup, and filled it with crisps, mixed nuts, blackberries, and cap'n crunch cereal.

for myself, i got an original. it's so good! it's like frozen greek yogurt, sort of tart. in it, i got blackberries, raspberries, chocolate chips, and coconut. amazing.

i asked for it to go, and they even put a small bag of ice in the bag with the yogurts for me. so nice. everyone there was friendly and helpful. i already can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

abc. easy as 123. {yo yo yo}

i sort of feel like i'm in college again, doing something like this. but it's a needed break from the housework i've been doing lately. trust me.

Age: 28. but my tendency to fall asleep at 9pm feels more 82-ish.
Bed size: queen. why do you want to know?
Chore that you hate: the bathroom. i hate hate hate it. luckily, i'm married. i'll do laundry, clean the kitchen, sweep and mop the floors, make the bed, ANYTHING to avoid bathrooms. and husband is gracious enough to do them for me.
Dogs: maya lily. she's a little more "child" than "dog". {unashamed}
Essential start to your day: coffee. and a good stretch.
Favorite color: chartreuse. don't you pay attention?
Gold or Silver: white gold, i guess.
Height: 5’4″
Instruments you play: none. i got kicked out of band in jr high.
Job title: training coordinator.
Kids: none yet.
Live: dallas. read: heat, humidity, fun shopping, good markets, sports, things to do.
Mother’s name: confidential
Nicknames: my mom used to call me suzy?
Overnight hospital stays: yep. a few times.
Pet peeve: people who don't recognize the moral responsibility that comes with driving in the left lane of traffic. also, cheap soaps that leave my hands sticky. also, john mayer.
Quote from a movie: ask my husband this one. i don't pay attention to movies.
Right or left handed: depends
Siblings: yes. one, and two in-laws.
Time you wake up: weekdays: 5:49 (i never set my alarm on a :00, :05, or :10). weekdays: by 7:00.
Underwear: preferred.
Vegetable you hate: pineapple (i know it's a fruit, but i think i like all vegetables).
What makes you run late: the snooze button. it's a miserable invention. or a late train on occasion.
X-Rays you’ve had: a ton. i can't even count
Yummy food that you make: yes. i'm a good cook. haven't you heard?
Zoo animal: penguins. i bet my husband would claim giraffes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

just havin' some fun

i love these tees, from snorg tees.

this has always been my favorite. if anyone wants to buy it for me, it's found here. thankyouverymuch.

and this one...

because i LOVE LOVE LOVE s'mores.

and this one...

(you have to sing it out.)

and, if you know anything about me, you know i heart morgan freeman. so, i leave you with this: