Wednesday, June 8, 2011

abc. easy as 123. {yo yo yo}

i sort of feel like i'm in college again, doing something like this. but it's a needed break from the housework i've been doing lately. trust me.

Age: 28. but my tendency to fall asleep at 9pm feels more 82-ish.
Bed size: queen. why do you want to know?
Chore that you hate: the bathroom. i hate hate hate it. luckily, i'm married. i'll do laundry, clean the kitchen, sweep and mop the floors, make the bed, ANYTHING to avoid bathrooms. and husband is gracious enough to do them for me.
Dogs: maya lily. she's a little more "child" than "dog". {unashamed}
Essential start to your day: coffee. and a good stretch.
Favorite color: chartreuse. don't you pay attention?
Gold or Silver: white gold, i guess.
Height: 5’4″
Instruments you play: none. i got kicked out of band in jr high.
Job title: training coordinator.
Kids: none yet.
Live: dallas. read: heat, humidity, fun shopping, good markets, sports, things to do.
Mother’s name: confidential
Nicknames: my mom used to call me suzy?
Overnight hospital stays: yep. a few times.
Pet peeve: people who don't recognize the moral responsibility that comes with driving in the left lane of traffic. also, cheap soaps that leave my hands sticky. also, john mayer.
Quote from a movie: ask my husband this one. i don't pay attention to movies.
Right or left handed: depends
Siblings: yes. one, and two in-laws.
Time you wake up: weekdays: 5:49 (i never set my alarm on a :00, :05, or :10). weekdays: by 7:00.
Underwear: preferred.
Vegetable you hate: pineapple (i know it's a fruit, but i think i like all vegetables).
What makes you run late: the snooze button. it's a miserable invention. or a late train on occasion.
X-Rays you’ve had: a ton. i can't even count
Yummy food that you make: yes. i'm a good cook. haven't you heard?
Zoo animal: penguins. i bet my husband would claim giraffes.


  1. Loving this! Have to ask, is there a story or a superstition behind your wake-up time?


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