Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1, hair challenge

hey! so far, so good (she said on day 1).

what do you think? it's gotta be called something formal, but it's just three buns on the nape of my neck.

i love the goody brand spin pin. i'm still getting used to using it, but i love it after one beginner's use.

i did have to add in a few bobby pins to secure it and hold them where I wanted them held. but for being out of my face and not a ponytail, i'm happy.


  1. Beautiful. My hair would never stay up in something like that because it's too fine. And I have too many shorter hairs on the side. But it looks gorgeous on you!

  2. HEY! That looks like the style I pinned last week. I used to have some of those goody twisty things but lost 2 of the 3. I need to pick up another package because they were pretty cool.

    Your hair looked lovely!

  3. So pretty! I kinda want to grow my hair out again just so I can do this! Also, I think I need to try these spin pin things!

    I love this challenge! :)


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