Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 4, hair challenge

update on day 3: everything was fine. no news to report.

now, today was a sort of cheat day. i had a migraine and had to stay home all day. so, you're left with my most raw self-photograph anyone's seen lately.

i present to you: bed head, migraine eyes, beautiful me, sitting on my back porch to warm up this morning. at least my hair's down, right?


  1. Oh girl. If that is your bedhead, morning hair, migraine eyes look....You are one heckofa lucky girl! You are beautiful. Period.

  2. ...this is you getting out of bed in the morning? Holy crap. You're gorgeous! I WISH I looked this good when my head was splitting and I just rolled out of bed! Jealous.

  3. You look amazing. I must have given all my good genes to you and forgot to keep any for myself.


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