Wednesday, June 29, 2011

down with the man--??

i work a lot. in the fall, i have two jobs. i'm also in school, finishing up my master's program. that's a lot. and you know what? i'm not really great at drawing lines. all of mine are blurry, because i don't quit work until around 7 or 8 at night usually, even though i'm home by 5-ish. i stay with emails, working on projects, etc-- and i'm glad i have that freedom.


however, i need to leave work. not just physically, as in leaving the campus, or not doing the job. i need to leave it emotionally. i need to become a wife when i get home, not a worker. i'm a student always, but i don't have to be. i can block out three days a week, just two hours a day, and be a student then. even less if i use my lunch at work to be a student. see? it's like multi-tasking. only, kind of the opposite.

i give a lot to work, but i want a lot for me, too.

it's something i'm working on. leaving work at 5pm, and leaving it.
coming home and switching into wife mode.
and, when needed, become a student.


  1. Good luck Erin! I hope you are successful in your separations!

  2. I think this is a much-needed change for you. :) And Chris!


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