Monday, June 13, 2011

it's a love-hate relationship

... that i have with my hair.

i love the texture
i love the length
i love the color
i love the cut

i don't love that i have to have it out of my face. even if i start the day with my hair down, i end up with it up in a ponytail by noon. it's because of my job. i don't have a desk job. in fact, i have the opposite of a desk job. i may be in surgery, or lecturing, or running across campus. or even wrestling a pig (i've done it in heels. yes, i have). so you see my predicament. or maybe you don't? if you don't, please give me advice.

in lieu of your advice, i'm going to use this blog as inspiration to go one week straight without using a ponytail holder. see, i can have it out of my face and still look cute! i hope to end up with a few favorites that i can fall back on and continue this past the week!

starting tomorrow. because there's no better time than now.

so, i hope to post a photo and the status of the "project" daily. i may have to play catch-up. but since i'm sure none of you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for this, we'll all be okay if i'm late.

also, have you seen, i'm joining the gym again? i'm actually really excited about it.

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