Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i'm basically macgyver.

i may lose some good friends after they read this post. then again, i may gain some. because i'm awesome. mom, if you're reading this, you may want to stop now.

scene: husband has gone to the gym, leaving wife home alone with the dog. this self-sufficient woman needs her coffee, so she ventures to make it on her own.

measure water and pour in machine. check.

get out coffee and measuring spoon. check.

get out coffee filter. wait. what? you mean the coffee filters that are still sitting on my office desk? bummer.

walk downstairs and ask neighbor for coffee filter. sweetheart doesn't have a regular coffee pot but is willing to lend you her keurig. that's a good neighbor, folks.

come home. sit and think about it. have a brilliant idea, and brew delicious coffee. but how?

what's that? hanging out of the top of the pot?

that's ingenuity right there, folks. it's the toe to some pantyhose (i promise they were unused. at least for their intended purpose). filled with coffee grounds. and put under the spigot where water would flow onto the grounds.

verdict: insanely thoughtful, but a little watery. i guess the grounds didn't get as soaked as they would if you made coffee the "right" way. but after reading this blog, can you really be sure that there is or isn't a "right" way? exactly


  1. This made me giggle, big-time. you probably could have googled "DIY coffee filter" and found a better solution. Like a paper towel or something. But +10 points for creativity!

  2. You're more like McAwesome! Hahahahaha! We just always used paper towels if we were out of filters...but I like your idea too!

  3. Actually, your mother is proud of your ingenuity. Good job.

  4. Erin! I just read your comment on my guest post on Amy's blog. So glad you enjoyed it. I had to check out your blog too, and can we talk about how I just burst out laughing?! I LOVE this post! I'm a coffee perfectionist by nature and I can totally appreciate your ingenuity - brilliant!

    xo Shannon


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