Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my 4th.

see, i always think about posting about fun times, and holidays, and things like that. but by the time i get around to editing photos and uploading to flickr, and actually composing a blog post, it's two months past that holiday. then it won't make much sense if i actually post about thanksgiving in january, right? well, remember i found about PS actions? yes. editing is now done lickity-split. and uploading is fast, and there's then no excuse to not blog about it, right? right. glad we're on the same page.

back to the subject at hand.

the 4th of july.
lots of photos. it's good for you.

man th8ings
man time. insert grunts here.

happy 4th
the obligatory flag photo.

he was so happy to be able to play catch with someone!

unfortunately, my feet stayed landlocked. no swimming for me. sad.

faith. sweetheart.

it was beautiful. and hot. and beautiful.

playing with bokeh  
playing with bokeh. fun times.
so, how was your 4th? did you eat too much, get a sunburn, and sleep in a little? i hope so.

i saw this somewhere: scrapes and bug bites are a sign of a summer not wasted. 
thus, i don't hate sitting on our new patio furniture in the evening and having the occasional mosquito feast on me.


  1. Love the photos. More, please.

    Skeeters (yes, I went there) love me. I must have really tasty blood.

  2. Awww....looks like you guys had a blast!!

  3. One of the best things about summer is looking out at all the lightning bugs.


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