Thursday, July 7, 2011

peek into my home {}

here's a sneak peak of our new place. probably one of my favorite places in the whole house. the dining room.

flowers just because
flowers husband got me. for no reason. which is, of course, the best reason.

you've seen this before. the frame wall. i love it.

my dining room
i love this natural light.

i notice now (based on that third photo) that i definitely should have swept the floor before showing these photos. but, this is life. my house is straightened. and clean. but don't always expect the floors to be properly swept.

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  1. I love the floors, even if they are dirty! Nice place! If it makes you feel better, I swept, swiffer dusted and swiffer wetted the living room floor on Saturday and it was dirty 4 hours later with sippy cup drippage. Story of my life.


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