Tuesday, July 26, 2011

readers, bob. bob, readers.

i would like to introduce you to a new friend we made the other day. his name is bob. as in, bob the bug.

husband and i drove to work (instead of taking the train)-- and when we got to work, we found a bug on our car. i would later learn that this is bob, and he's quite the adventurer. we figured he had to have traveled with us from our home, but the odds that he would make it riding on the roof of the car for 15 miles seemed pretty low.

how surprised were we when we found bob again after work! he had stayed on our car all day. the only obvious reason is that he knew if he waited around long enough, we could be his ticket home. home to sun, his family, and good food.

he hunkered down for the drive home with us. here he is as we are leaving work.

and here he is at our home. a little weary, but home nonetheless.

after we pulled in, husband took bob off of the car and placed him in his natural habitat. can you see him?


now it's your turn.