Friday, August 26, 2011

change of... heart?

i'm erin.

i know you. 
you're sarcastic. and
quick to respond. and
you always know what's best.

not that erin.
i'm the other erin.
you don't see me too often.

i'm not snarky. i'm
compassionate. because i realize that,
while we have all gone through our own types of pain,
we each also need our own methods of dealing with

i'm not so quick to respond.
i'm thoughtful. because if i say the first thing
that comes to me, it might be the wrong thing
for you to hear.

i don't know what's best. i don't know what's best for me
and i sure as heck don't know
what's best for you.

people used to ask me how i was so happy.
i wasn't happy.
i was joyful. which is so much more.
people don't ask me anymore.
either they've gotten used to me, or
i'm not joyful anymore.

i sure hope it's the former.

here's to working on my relationship with God.
then my relationship with me.
then my relationship with

Thursday, August 11, 2011

on being... a good hostess

i love to have people over. husband always says my spiritual gift is hospitality. because of this, i thought i'd share with you some of my "tips" for being a good hostess (idea stolen from simple bliss).

keep your home neat. this one might sound obvious, but if you're going to be hosting anyone over, whether it's planned or spontaneous, you want a neat home. you also don't want to be scrambling around when you get that text that someone's on their way. to keep our place neat, we straighten all common areas each night before bed (it takes 3 minutes. seriously.), and have a list of chores that we take care of, based on the day of the week. those chores? they take about 5 minutes.

keep snacks around. we keep a nice glass bowl full of fruit on the counter-- even if we don't have company, it benefit us by being the most accessible snack! also, things like chips and salsa, or some homemade hummus with crackers are easy to set out if you get someone spontaneously dropping by.

keep the guest room neat. not always easy, if you use it for storage also, but we try really hard to keep our guest room liveable. this means-- clean sheets, nice dresser with a candle on it, and nothing stacked in the corners. if possible, keep some spare hangers with room in the closet so it can be utilized if someone visits. think if that guest room is somewhere you'd like to sleep-- is there a clean night stand, with an alarm clock? how about a magazine or something set out on the dresser for them to read/take with them? the little things matter.

beverages are thoughtful. even though we mainly drink water at our place, it's nice to have something different when people come over. i like to keep some crystal light mix in the pantry, so it can be easily prepared if needed. we also will put a pot of coffee on (if it's not consumed, i put it in the fridge for iced coffees the next day) and have tea available.

what about you? do you enjoy hosting people at your home? what are some tips you use?

Monday, August 8, 2011

for your listening enjoyment

here's a little something for you. heart me some adam levine and when he's in a really fun song? even better. "if i were an old school 50-pound boom box, would you carry me on your shoulder wherever you walk?"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

also while we were gone.

i can't just talk about the wedding-- i have to talk about PA in general!


this is the view outside my parents' place. they have a christmas tree forest across the street! it was beautiful, and just cool enough for some beautiful fog in the mornings. which means it was about 30 degrees cooler than i was used to in big d.


awesome building, actually the biomedical research building.
so, if you know me, there's two reasons i like it.
the look, and the purpose.


apparently, you can't go to penn state without taking a photo on the nittany lion.
chris and i were happy to follow tradition.


another must-do?
wait in line for the creamery. no matter how long it takes.
seriously. the milk for the ice cream comes in fresh each morning.
from cows on campus.
how many other schools do you know that have a major in ice-cream making??


and of course you have to visit the sports museum.
under the guise of having to take a photo of the original nitany lion.
but really, to pose in a football mural.

Friday, August 5, 2011

he's all grown up.

i know i promised to write earlier in the week, but i was busy walking through manhattan. more on that in an upcoming blog post.

it was such a joy to visit PA for my "little" brother's wedding. i don't know that i even cried at my own, but i definitely came close to shedding a few tears at his wedding. okay. maybe i had to dab the corners of my eyes more than once. he was just so, so... dashing up there in front of family and friends, and she was a true vision of beauty. as a woman who normally wears shorts and tank tops for work, she sure cleans up nicely! and the best part was that neither of them looked fake at all. they both were just at their best (as you should be on your wedding day!) and so happy looking.

here's a few photos to showcase the day. you can see all of them by checking out my flickr.

mom and dad looked great, and so happy!

he may or may not have made faces at me during the ceremony.

yellow and blue were perfect colors for this reception outdoors!

oh yes, she did the face smash.

two of my favorite people. husband and granny.

my "little" brother and me.

and, the B&B where we stayed. wrap-around porch and all.

Monday, August 1, 2011

i am (vacation edition)

crafting: not much. i'm on vacation
reading: the sunday paper, pittsburgh style.
listening: to my cousin's baby play with her rattle
watching: my husband and mom cut up peaches for dessert
cooking: breakfast. if pouring a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee count.
planning: on applying some lotion after my shower. too much sun means dry dry skin
doing: enjoying vacation more than i have in a while.

it's been great. swimming, sunning, relaxing, napping, eating.
it's a good vacation when you come back with too much sun and bug bites.

i'll be back in town tomorrow. you'll hear from me (when i share wedding photos) later this week.