Saturday, August 6, 2011

also while we were gone.

i can't just talk about the wedding-- i have to talk about PA in general!


this is the view outside my parents' place. they have a christmas tree forest across the street! it was beautiful, and just cool enough for some beautiful fog in the mornings. which means it was about 30 degrees cooler than i was used to in big d.


awesome building, actually the biomedical research building.
so, if you know me, there's two reasons i like it.
the look, and the purpose.


apparently, you can't go to penn state without taking a photo on the nittany lion.
chris and i were happy to follow tradition.


another must-do?
wait in line for the creamery. no matter how long it takes.
seriously. the milk for the ice cream comes in fresh each morning.
from cows on campus.
how many other schools do you know that have a major in ice-cream making??


and of course you have to visit the sports museum.
under the guise of having to take a photo of the original nitany lion.
but really, to pose in a football mural.


  1. WOW!! I LOVE that view outsite your parent's house!!! Is that a cornfield right in front of the Christmas trees?

    It looks like you guys have so much fun!! And Brian and June both looked amazing!!!!

  2. What an awesome photo of the trees. Oh my word. Would that I could paint something that beautiful. OH well. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  3. Amy, most years it is a cornfield in front of the trees, but this year it is soybeans. I like that better because you can see the evergreens over the soy.


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