Friday, August 5, 2011

he's all grown up.

i know i promised to write earlier in the week, but i was busy walking through manhattan. more on that in an upcoming blog post.

it was such a joy to visit PA for my "little" brother's wedding. i don't know that i even cried at my own, but i definitely came close to shedding a few tears at his wedding. okay. maybe i had to dab the corners of my eyes more than once. he was just so, so... dashing up there in front of family and friends, and she was a true vision of beauty. as a woman who normally wears shorts and tank tops for work, she sure cleans up nicely! and the best part was that neither of them looked fake at all. they both were just at their best (as you should be on your wedding day!) and so happy looking.

here's a few photos to showcase the day. you can see all of them by checking out my flickr.

mom and dad looked great, and so happy!

he may or may not have made faces at me during the ceremony.

yellow and blue were perfect colors for this reception outdoors!

oh yes, she did the face smash.

two of my favorite people. husband and granny.

my "little" brother and me.

and, the B&B where we stayed. wrap-around porch and all.

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