2011 progress sheet

i don't do resolutions. does anyone anymore? i've seen so many posts lately referring to "goals" over "resolutions". well, not to sound revolutionary or anything (ahem), but i'm going one step further. if i make any sort of goal that is supposed to last for a whole year, i'm going to fail. wouldn't most of us? so, instead, i'm making a lot of smaller goals. monthly goals. and i'll turn this blog into a page in the near future so i can keep track of it. cause it usually ends up being about accountability, right? whether you're actually checking or not, i'm tricked into thinking you are, so i have to keep up with it.

limit processed food intake. make a lot of food from scratch.
did pretty well on this. check out the food blog to read about some of the stuff i made.
don't eat *artificial* sugar.  replace processed with raw sugar. eat in moderation. no sodas (no problem), no chocolate (big problem).
did okay with replacing sugar. actually cut out a LOT of sugar and snacked on nuts or fruits and veggies instead of sweets.
*edit: one small chocolate serving, once a week.*
*preferably dark chocolate.* 
i didn't count. but it was more than once a week. hey, my birthday was this month!
eat a grapefruit. complete!
paint the frames that have been hanging out in the spare room. complete!
get rid of the "junk" in the master bedroom. sort of complete.
research a natural cleaner and scrub the couch.

find sugar beets (i may be a season late for this one)
make homemade sugar (sugar and the ^^ beets were a season late, as anticipated)
try pineapple again watch it here!
continue limiting processed foods (meh. it's a continuous goal)
have a freezer cooking day (sort of. i froze sale meat)
(and it was packed in my seal-a-meal bags. sweet)
research homemade laundry detergent
make progress on the quilt i started last year (um, yeah. reference: shortest month of the year, and taking 8 days vacation. let's try again in march)

work on that quilt that i can't seem to finish. fail
 get at least a B in my finance course yay! i got a B!
crock pot three times for convenience once. that's not too bad.
meet up with leann sad. this has to get pushed off to april.
finish painting the frames and show you the finished project delayed due to the move


meet up with my bff. FINALLY!
patch holes in the walls to prepare for the move patched, waiting for paint
 attend elder-led prayer done, 4/6/11
cook something with the canned apricots that have been in the pantry for months

 move! (yay!) done!
get an A in my class yep, i did it!
make a tea kettle cover
write three additions to the proverbs project
get local fruits and veggies from the farmer's market changed to sunflower market-- still local and organic, but cheaper and easier to get! also, bigger selection.

participate in the 10-on-10 project (because the 10th is on a weekend!)
make three freezer meals
finish the headboard art piece for master bedroom
watch my baby brother get married!